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Homeowner's Guide to a Greener House

Ludovic Siouffi - Jun 03, 2021
Green Sustainable Home with Solar Panels

I’m a bit house-obsessed at the moment as I just purchased a new home and have been trying to make it as green as possible. So you can imagine my excitement when the Canadian Government launched their Greener Homes Grant for homeowners to improve the energy-use of their houses.

This grant will provide Canadians with up to $5,600 and expert advice to help make their homes more comfortable, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. This includes upgrades such as improved insulation, new windows and doors, updated heating systems, renewable energy systems (such as solar panels) and so on.

All Canadian homeowners are said to be eligible for their primary residence – you can learn more and register here.

I have also been researching all kinds of smart products I can outfit my home with, and let me tell you, they are incredible… but slightly overwhelming.

To save you the trouble of comparing and testing all of these products yourself, I’m providing my tried and true opinions below. And there will undoubtedly be more to come.

The devices I’ve chosen create a more efficient home in many ways, but most importantly they create a more sustainable world. They’re also easier on the wallet, as optimizing your resource-use leads to lower utilities bills. 

Changing your lifestyle in the name of sustainability can be difficult, but these improvements are quick and easy to implement- no sacrifices needed.




You don’t want to be that neighbor who’s watering their lawn in the rain, do you? B-hyve is a sprinkler system that makes water decisions based on the ecological needs of your yard and the local weather. And of course, you can control it all from your phone- whether you’re home or not.

My favourite part is that it doesn’t just turn the sprinklers off when it starts to rain, it actually registers the predicted forecast and automatically delays watering so that the rain can do the job naturally instead. And if the weatherman is wrong, the sprinklers go on. 




Rest easy knowing that the water running throughout your home is functioning properly and efficiently.

Did you know that severe water damage is 7x more likely than theft and fire in your home? Flo reduces that risk by 96% by monitoring water pressure and undetected leaks with an automatic shutoff. They also track your water usage for better conservation and lower your insurance premiums.

As always, the mobile app provides a complete view of your home’s water and provides you with control from anywhere.




Forget to turn off the basement lights again? No need to get out of bed, Lutron’s Caseta app allows you to control all the lights in your house from your phone.

Schedule automatic on/off times, easily select a pre-set mood and instead of leaving the lights on 24/7 while you’re away, give the illusion that you’re home and save some energy with randomized lighting. You can even control all kinds of other smart products too, such as Alexa, Ring, Sonos and more.

There’s also no need to replace all of your perfectly good lightbulbs, the sleek Luton switches take care of that with no additional requirements- such as a neutral wire or wifi connection.




If you receive a never-ending stream of packages to your front door and are feeling guilty about all those delivery emissions, checkout through Shop. Shopify’s new payment platform plants a tree for every purchase you make. As the trees grow, they’ll remove enough CO2 to offset your deliveries.

Shop is aiming to restore the Casamance Mangroves in Senegal, Africa with a goal of 4.6M trees planted by 2022. Last year, they protected 123.6M trees in the Peruvian rainforest, which captures and stores high amounts of human-produced CO2 (known as a carbon sink) so that it is prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Not only will you be improving your carbon footprint, you’ll be providing habitats for endangered species and wildlife, growing fish populations and supporting sustainable harvesting.



These simple devices, combined with more major upgrades courtesy of the Greener Homes Grant, will vastly improve your home’s comfort and carbon footprint.

If you would like to learn more about effecting change, check out our Impact Portfolio. Let's invest in a better world.