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Our portfolios are designed to grow your family’s financial future – first and foremost.


But why shouldn’t your hard-earned money do double duty?


Let’s invest in a better world.






Impact Investing

The Ludo Group Impact Fund goes beyond simply excluding companies that profit off harm. We take it one step further and actively support leaders that are making a difference through positive environmental and social change. Our portfolio is designed to grow your family's financial future, but why not create a better world while we're at it?

Think clean energy, smarter cities and the next generation.

According to the Canadian Responsible Investment Association's 2020 Trend Report, responsible investing has seen a 48% growth rate over the past 2 years, surging assets under management to $3.2 Billion. These assets represent 61.8% of the entire Canadian investment industry, and it is only expected to go up from there. Let's put your money to good work, too!





Divest away from fossil fuels, tobacco, alcohol, weaponry and gambling

Invest in socially responsible companies with high ethical standards

Invest in businesses that reduce their carbon footprint and promote sustainability

Invest in leaders that innovate to reduce or optimize the use of natural resources


Meet Ludo


Senior Wealth Advisor & Senior Portfolio Manager

Ludovic believes sustainable business and enterprise are a powerful way to unlock innovation, create value and arm future generations with the ability to effect change – and ensuring familial wealth longevity can be key to it all.

It was through his work on his MBA thesis at the University of Hong Kong, a thesis focused on exploring microfinance, that he became passionate about responsible investment. Today, Ludovic is a member of the Responsible Investment Association (RIA) and has been awarded a Responsible Investment Advisor Certification (RIAC). This makes him one of a handful of advisors in Vancouver trained to identify and manage approaches to ESG risk, and implement ESG factors into investment decision making. He holds the Chartered Investment Manager (CIM®) designation and serves as a licensed life insurance specialist. He also has an MBA degree from the University of Hong Kong, an international finance program done in partnership with Columbia University in New York.

In 2015, Ludovic was awarded the Top New Advisor of the Year Award by Wealth Professional, across all investment firms in Canada.



Chartered Investment Manager Certified Responsible Investment Advisor Wealth Professional Top New Advisor of the Year, 2015



Ludo's knowledge of the investment landscape is only surpassed by the amazing level of customer services and attention he provides to his clients. He's a pleasure to work with and has been an incredible partner in planning and managing investments.

Founder & CEO

Mr. Siouffi’s approach, dedication, and attention to detail are admirable and worth mentioning. But, what truly sets him apart, is his commitment to building a long-term relationship with me and my wife alongside wealth for our family.

Marketing Director



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